Male and female cats

Up to the age of 6 months male cats do not have to have been castrated. Male cats older than 6 months may only stay if they are castrated.
Female cats do not have to be spayed. We do, however, ask you to let us know if your cat is not spayed, in order to prevent unwanted surprises!


The rooms

Unlike at home, cats at Tante Betje do not have their own territory. Because of this they are much more likely to tolerate and accept each other in the communal rooms. They can also go ‘outside’. We have a secure greenhouse area with an outdoor feeling, due to the ventilation windows. For cats who are afraid, or don’t get along with others of their kind, we have a separate room. The first visit is a bit scary for most cats anyway, but we see that most of them feel at home quickly at our hotel.



All cats will be given dry food twice a day. We use Royal Canin in various flavours.

We have a number of diet foods in stock. If your cat has a different diet food, we would ask you to provide that.

brok - dry food
Royal Canin Urinary S/O
Royal Canin Urinary S/O moderate
Hill's c/d
Royal Canin Satiety Weight Management
Royal Canin Renal
Royal Canin Renal select
Royal Canin Renal special



A simple brushing is included in the care, provided your cat would appreciate that!
If you have a longhaired breed and would like more extensive grooming or a trim, we can ask a cat groomer to come along.



We can administer simple medication, which we would ask you to provide.



In the unlikely event that your cat becomes ill or needs medical attention, we will engage the services of a vet. If your own vet is situated in Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Kudelstaart or Uithoorn we will take your cat there. Veterinary costs will be added to your bill.



We are a member of the sector organisation Dibevo (a national organisation representing the interests of pet professionals). The terms and conditions of Dibevo apply.