To ensure the good health of all our guests it is important that every cat has been vaccinated.



Upon arrival we will ask whether your cat has been dewormed and had a flea treatment. For proof of vaccinations we will check the vaccination booklet, which we will keep during your cat’s stay.


Compulsory: Feline distemper and ‘cat flu’ (standard vaccination)

Feline panleukopenie-virus, Feline herpesvirus and Feline calicivirus.


For the length of your cat’s stay, the cat flu vaccination must not be older than one year. The distemper vaccination must not be older than three years. The vaccinations must have been administered a minimum of two weeks before arrival at the hotel.
For questions about titering please contact us.


Optional: Bordetella (nasal inoculation)

An inoculation against Bordetella might be advisable but is not required at Tante Betje.
NB: This inoculation must be administered at least six weeks before arrival.


Optional: Chlamydia

Some vets vaccinate cats against chlamydia (another respiratory infection) together with the annual vaccinations.


And in spite of everything…

… your cat could still become ill.

Cats are sensitive animals. For some cats a stay at a hotel can be stressful.
Sadly, even the required vaccinations are not 100% guaranteed to prevent illness.
It’s the same with humans. In spite of having had a flu jab some people still get sick. The same is true for cats who have had the proper vaccinations.

See the International Cat Care website for an informative article on the subject. Note that the vaccinations in the Netherlands could be different!